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Airsoft (šratasvydžio) ginklas AM-001

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Prekės kodas:GFP-AMB-01-006925
Prieinamumas:Laikinai nėra
Kaina: 247.00€
Kiekis:Į krepšelį

Airsoft (šratasvydžio) ginklas AM-001

Dalį produktų aprašymų pateikiame anglų kalba. Jei turite klausimų  dėl produktų techninių specifikacijų, savybių, panaudojimo ar saugaus elgesio taisyklių kreipkitės telefonu +370 67954145 arba elektroninio pašto adresu Ačiū, kad pas lankotės ir perkate. Didelis Airsoft/šratasvydžioginklų pasirinkimas garantuotas.


999 SD IdZ AEG Carbine Replica

The replica, just like the original, was made primarily out of light and durable polymerMetal parts include an outer barrel, RAS front and detailed elements such as: pins, trigger, fire mode selector, etc. The entire construction was made in a modular system and equipped with a 22mm RIS rail, which both allow for mounting of additional accessories.

The cocking handle as well as the fire mode selector are double sided, which provides equal comfort for both left and right-handed users.

The IdZ version is based on the newest version of the carbine, which is one of the elements of the Future Soldier system of German army. The replica has an ergonomic stock of a new type. It can be regulated in length and thus will be compatible with the body type and preferences of any user. The stock has also a regulated cheek pad. The top RIS rail features another novelty: a set of flip-up iron sights.

The heart of this replica is the V.3 gearbox, which generates a muzzle velocity of up to ~450 FPS. High quality and tight system allows for efficient and problem-free operation.

The set includes a polymer, hi-cap, 470 BB magazine. It features mounts so that magazines of the same type can be locked together.

The set includes:

-          A replica

-          A magazine


  • AM-001 carbine replica

    A series of the latest Amoeba Airsoft replicas is based on a well-known design of AR type assault rifles, however these replicas have been considerably modified and enriched of many constructional details and interesting technical solutions, which improve not only their functionality but also their look. Thanks to its compact dimensions, AM-001 is very handy and constitutes a perfect tool during airsoft CQB actions.

    The replica"s receiver was made of strengthened nylon. Quality of the materials used results in the fact that it is very difficult to recognise on the first sight whether it"s plastic or metal. Effective signs of a model, calibre and Amoeba Airsoft"s logo were engraved on the receiver. Metal was used to produced the outer barrel, the front-sight, the flash hider, the stock tube and some small pieces. The pistol grip, properly shaped, covered with scrabrous non-slip texture which improves grip and comfort. The magazine release button was enlarged in order to make its usage easier.

    The replica was equipped with a light plastic stock folded to the side. The battery is located in the upper part of the receiver. Access to a hop-up system regulation is achieved in a standard for this design way - by pulling the charging handle and opening tjhe shell ejector..

    The all-purpose 22mm RIS rails are situated on the front grip and on the top of the receiver, thanks to which the replica may be fitted with a wide range of additional accessories, from a scope to lighting and tactical grips. The rifle has iron sights mounted on the RIS rail. A vertical front grip goes together with the replica.

     The outer barrel ends with a 14mm right-hand thread on which the flash hider was mounted.

    Amoeba Airsoft"s replicas make it possible to replace the spring quickly, with no necessity of dismantling the gearbox. The heart of the replica is a bit strengthened modified gearbox v. 2, which possesses an integrated EFCS module - Electronic Firing Control System. It controls the operation of the trigger mechanism, resulting in a very smooth work and shorter engine reaction. A standard trigger swich assembly was replaced by an electronic system. The EFCS also has a built-in MOSFET system.

    EFCS considerably increases the mechanism"s life span and the whole replica as well and it allows to use high-voltage batteries, including LiPo. If we buy an outer dedicated EFCS programmer, we may receive a possibily to select fire modes as well as the burst mode (a three BBs series).

    The magazine which goes together with the replica is a hi-cap with capacity of 300 BBs. The magazine"s case was made of steel.

    The set does not include a battery and a charger.

    The set includes:

    - replica
    - magazine
    - manual

    - vertical, RIS mounted front grip

  • Automatic electric gunsAssault rifles/Carbines
  • Battery includedNo
  • Blow BackNo
  • Gearbox versionModified v2 Gearbox
  • Hop-UpYes, adjustable
  • Lenght [mm]360-600
  • Made ofMetal + plastic
  • Magazine capacity [pcs]300
  • Magazine type300
  • ManufacturerAmoeba
  • Name AM-001
  • Propulsion / Powered byElectric
  • RestockRestock
  • Type of fireSingle, auto
  • Velocity [FPS]~280
  • Warranty12 months
  • Weight [g]1745


Prieš įsigydami Airsoft/šratasvydžioginklą pasiteiraukite pas mus ir tikimės, kad galėsime Jums pateikti patrauklesnį pasiūlymą nei mūsų konkurentai Lietuvoje ar kitose Europos šalyse.

Atsiųsk nuorodą su kitur išsirinktu Airsoft/dažasvydžio ginklu ar aksesuaru elektroninio pašto adresu ir gauk mūsų pasiūlymą pasirinktam modeliui.

Šiuo metu, kartu su partneriais, savo pirkėjams siūlome, bene plačiausią Airsoft/šratasvydžioginklų ir aksesuarų pasirinkimą.

Ne visi, mūsų siūlomi, ginklai ir aksesuarai yra pateikiami elektroninėje parduotuvėje , todėl teiraukitės papildomai ir tikimės, kad nenusivilsite.

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