Airsoft (šratasvydžio) ginklas GFG50 - Multicam®

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Airsoft (šratasvydžio) ginklas GFG50 - Multicam®

Dalį produktų aprašymų pateikiame anglų kalba. Jei turite klausimų  dėl produktų techninių specifikacijų, savybių, panaudojimo ar saugaus elgesio taisyklių kreipkitės telefonu +370 67954145 arba elektroninio pašto adresu info@amunicija.lt. Ačiū, kad pas lankotės ir perkate. Didelis Airsoft (šratasvydžio)  -  ginklų pasirinkimas garantuotas.

Ginklo aprašymas ir specifikacijos anglų kalba:

GFG50 Assault Rifle Replica

The newest series of replicas by GFC Guns that is a reflection of the known Austrian construction.

Firearms in bull-pup system (sometimes referred to as stockless) have a long tradition and an equal amount of enthusiasts as well as skeptics. One of the advantages of this construction can be hardly ignored - it is the possibility of implementation of a really long and effective barrel, whilst maintaining relatively compact size of the firearm. It is important to note the aesthetic value as well - bull-pup firearms are simply unique and they cannot me mistaken with anything else. GFC Guns presents a new airsoft replica of one of the most popular stockless airsoft replica straight from Austria. 

Similarly to the live firearm, the receiver of the replica was made from durable polymer. It is partially covered with rough, anti-slip texture, which improves grip stability. Metal parts include: the entire front of the replica with the external barrel, RIS module, silencer and miscellaneous elements such as the shell ejection window plate or flash hider.

The rear part of the replica features a tactical sling swivel for the attachment of a QD (quick detach) tactical sling. Access to the hop-up adjustment knob is gained in a traditional way - after pulling back the charging handle and uncovering the shell ejection window. The handle can be locked in rear position. The flash hider sits on a 14 mm left handed thread.

The battery of the replica is stored inside the stock (if one can use such a word in the case of a stockless design). In order to access the battery, one needs to remove the rubber stock pad. No tools are necessary for that operation because it is attached by being pressed into its place. Disassembly of the entire replica into two parts also lasts mere seconds. It is necessary to access the Hop-Up chamber and internal barrel. In order to do that, it is necessary to press a metal pin - a lock - and afterwards split away the construction into 2 parts - the receiver and front part with the scope and barrel.

GFG50 is definitely the most original model from the Bull-Pup series by GFC. The front conversion was made entirely from metal. It features 4 mounting rail in 22 mm standard with the option of removal of the side rails. The aggressive, front finish of the conversion with a muzzle device deserves most note. These elements place the replica side by side with the most interesting replicas available on the market and at the same time make it impossible to walk by it indifferently. In combination with rails attached to the receiver, the total amount of RIS rails for free arrangement is 9 - including a long, top rail for the attachment of an optical sight or iron sights. 

GFG50 does not feature a traditional fire mode selector - instead it has a two stage trigger, whose first stage causes the replica to fire in semi mode and full pull - fully automatic. The safety is located at the pistol grip and can be operated from both sides. 

The replica has a PCR™ - Power Control Ready quick spring change system that allows with a minimal amount of time to change the main spring. There is no need to take out the gearbox and disassemble the entire construction. All that is necessary is to remove the stock pad, unscrew the plastic cap and through the opening in the back side of the gearbox pull out the slide with the spring. 

PCR™ - Power Control Ready™ - allows to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have access to a workshop or a set of special tools. This allows to easily guarantee an ideal compromise between effectiveness of fire and safety for the user himself as well as other participants.

The mechanism itself was based on modified gearbox V3 equipped with 7 mm metal bearings and bearing-mounted spring slide. Tightness, quality of used parts and how well parts fit together decides about good performance and long lifetime of the replica. A 450 mm long internal barrel makes this replica suitable for combat on long range. At the same time, the replica is barely 770 mm long, which makes it a very compact tool that can be easily used during CQB scenarios, indoors, inside vehicles, etc.

The replica comes with a polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 330 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.


Additional accessories visible in the photographs are not part of the set!

The set includes:

- magazine
- cleaning rod
- User’s manual




Prieš įsigydami Airsoft (šratasvydžio) -  ginklą pasiteiraukite pas mus ir mes pasistegsime  pateikti Jums patrauklesnį pasiūlymą nei mūsų konkurentai Lietuvoje ar kitose Europos šalyse.

Atsiųsk nuorodą su kitur išsirinktu Airsoft (šratasvydžio)  - ginklu ar aksesuaru elektroninio pašto adresu info@amunicija.lt ir gauk mūsų pasiūlymą pasirinktam modeliui.

Šiuo metu, kartu su partneriais, savo pirkėjams siūlome, bene plačiausią Airsoft (šratasvydžio) -  ginklų ir aksesuarų pasirinkimą.

Ne visi, mūsų siūlomi, ginklai ir aksesuarai yra pateikiami elektroninėje parduotuvėje www.amunicija.lt , todėl teiraukitės papildomai ir tikimės, kad nenusivilsite.

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