Airsoft/šratasvydžio ginklas SRT-20

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Airsoft/šratasvydžioginklas SRT-20


Dalį produktų aprašymų pateikiame anglų kalba. Jei turite klausimų  dėl produktų techninių specifikacijų, savybių, panaudojimo ar saugaus elgesio taisyklių kreipkitės telefonu +370 67954145 arba elektroninio pašto adresu info@amunicija.lt. Ačiū, kad pas lankotės ir perkate. Didelis Airsoft/šratasvydžio -  ginklų pasirinkimas garantuotas.

Ginklo aprašymas ir specifikacijos anglų kalba:


SRT-20 Assault Rifle Replica

A family of replicas under SPARTAC banner meets the expectations of airsoft enthusiasts that are looking for good quality at reasonable price. The main endeavour that allowed to reduce the costs was the implementation of good quality polymer instead of metal in the production process of parts. At the same time a full metal gearbox (that provides over 400 FPS at stock!) and good quality mechanical parts used inside make SPARTAC replicas equally efficient on the airsoft battlefield as their more costly counterparts.

Moments after taking the replica out of the box it is possible to notice how carefully all elements fit together - there are no loose spots and even in vulnerable places such as the cradle/handguard - which is a problem for many models. Every SPARTAC comes with a set of essential accessories such as a battery, charger or a tactical sling - the replica is ready for action almost immediately. 

Majority of main components of the replica was made from polymer. These include: the receiver, handguard, stock, iron sights, silencer. The outer barrel was made from a ZnAl alloy, while the magazine casing and bolt carrier replica were made from steel. Despite a mostly polymer-focused construction, the user will not experience an unpleasant “squeaky material” known from many “cheap” replicas.

SRT-20 is equipped with a handguard featuring a set of RIS 22 mm mounting rails. They enable the user to attach a wide array of additional accessories such as optical sights, grips or tactical lighting, etc. Furthermore, the replica has a telescopic stock with an adjustable length with an anti-slip stock pad as well as foldable fixed iron sights. The outer barrel has a right-handed, 14 mm thread which boasts a flash hider.

Access to the hop-up adjustment slide is gained in a traditional way - after pulling back the charging handle. On the left side of the receiver are located the safety and fire mode selector. The heart of this replica is a solid, full metal gearbox v.2 equipped with a set of steel gears, bearing mounted spring slide and 7mm bearings, which allow the replica to achieve a muzzle velocity of ~410 FPS straight out of the box.

The replica comes with a hi-cap steel magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs. The battery is stored inside the stock.

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- battery
- charger for the battery
- tactical sling
- cleaning rod
- manual



Prieš įsigydami Airsoft/šratasvydžio-  ginklą pasiteiraukite pas mus ir tikimės, kad galėsime Jums pateikti patrauklesnį pasiūlymą nei mūsų konkurentai Lietuvoje ar kitose Europos šalyse.

Atsiųsk nuorodą su kitur išsirinktu Airsoft/šratasvydžio  - ginklu ar aksesuaru elektroninio pašto adresu info@amunicija.lt ir gauk mūsų pasiūlymą pasirinktam modeliui.

Šiuo metu, kartu su partneriais, savo pirkėjams siūlome, bene plačiausią Airsoft/šratasvydžio-  ginklų ir aksesuarų pasirinkimą.

Ne visi, mūsų siūlomi, ginklai ir aksesuarai yra pateikiami elektroninėje parduotuvėje www.amunicija.lt , todėl teiraukitės papildomai ir tikimės, kad nenusivilsite.


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